Sustainable Buildings

Improve Building Energy Efficiency

Phase change materials (PCMs) are crucial for sustainable building improvements through thermal energy storage. They store thermal energy in a salt battery using solar or general ventilation, allowing the use of renewable energy when available and storing it for later use. This strategy reduces energy bills and contributes to grid balance, making buildings more efficient and sustainable.

PCM Climate Ceiling

PCM climate ceilings use phase change materials to efficiently regulate room temperature, addressing environmental and financial concerns. This sustainable solution lowers energy consumption and costs, offering immediate benefits with advanced technologies.

Passive Cooling

Rising energy prices in Europe pose a pressing financial challenge, emphasizing the need for cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Pluss advanced technologies have created passive climate ceilings.

By harnessing the free cold at night and storing it as thermal energy in the ceilings or chillers, you can drastically decrease the capacity of your building’s air conditioning installation and its running time. This results in both a 50% lower investment cost and up to 90% lower operational costs!

Off-Grid Living

Living off the grid is a dream for many seeking independence and sustainability, especially with rising prices making self-sufficiency more attractive. However, efficiently storing solar energy poses a challenge, as exporting excess power to the grid may not be the most effective solution.

Our solution tackles this by introducing thermal batteries that store green energy generated by solar panels, utilizing a heat pump or solar collectors. By running the heat pump on solar power during the day, we produce hot water that can be used to heat various elements, including floors and radiators.

The integration of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) further boosts thermal energy storage capacity, optimizing the efficiency of the system. Additionally, connecting hot water directly from heat-pipes or solar collectors to a heat battery or PCM buffer vessel provides versatile options for storing solar energy and ensures sustainable, off-grid living.

Energy Storage in Buffer Vessels

With the increasing importance of sustainability amid rising prices, exploring innovative ways to heat buildings has become crucial. Utilizing Phase Change Materials (PCMs) in buffer vessels now offers a sustainable and efficient solution.

By incorporating PCM-filled balls into your buffer vessels, it becomes possible to enables peak shaving. This not only eases the grid’s load but also lets you store heat or cold during off-peak hours. As a result, you can cut costs and improve your cooling or heating processes. Furthermore, by connecting your solar panels and buffer vessel, you can additionally store your energy to heat your building and live more sustainably.

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