Is your building using too much energy?

PCMs, or phase change materials, are the ideal solution to make buildings more energy efficient and improving building performance using thermal energy storage.

The PCM stores thermal energy in a salt battery via solar or general ventilation. This way you are using renewable energy when it’s available to generate heat or cold and store it for when it’s needed at a later time. This peak shifting or peak shaving will lower the energy bill drastically and helps balance the grid.

These thermal storage solutions are not only available to make green commercial buildings, these technologies will make domestic houses smart grid ready.

Pluss Advanced Technologies is the leading PCM developer and manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience. With a strong R&D team in India and connections with experts from universities across the world, we are your PCM expert.

Pluss Technologies - PCM passive climate ceiling office

Decrease your Air Conditioning Costs and Increase Comfort

By harnessing the free cold at night and storing it as thermal energy in the ceilings or chillers, you can drastically decrease the capacity of your buildings Air Conditioning installation and its running time. Meaning both a 50% lower investment costs as well as up to 90% lower operational costs!

Shift your Peak Load to Off-Peak hours

By adding more thermal mass to your buildings you can use the building itself as a thermal battery. Storing heat is called TES (thermal energy storage) and typically water or construction materials are used for thermal storage. Phase Change materials (PCM) have a higher energy density and you can store between 4 to 10 times more energy in PCM then in concrete for example.

Below example shows a chiller with PCM OM08 buffer to shift peak load for the cooling of the building from day to night time.

Pluss Technologies - HDPE ball PCM chiller application

Off-Grid Living and Solar Energy Storage

To live off the grid there is an option to store your solar energy in thermal batteries rather than sending it to the grid.

We can help you store green energy generated by solar panels with a heat pump or solar collectors. Running a heat-pump on your PV power source, allows the production of hot water. This hot water can heat the water in a buffer vessel, floors and radiators.

Additionally with the use of Phase change materials you can increase the thermal energy storage capacity of the floor or the buffer vessel. The heat pump’s operating time can be limited to only the daytime using the generated solar power.

The COP of a air to water heat pump is generally higher during the day than it is during the cold nights. As a result, you can generate more kilowatts of heat and store it for later use during the night. Alternatively, you can store solar energy by connecting hot water coming from heat-pipes/ solar collector directly to a heat battery or PCM buffer vessel.

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