HDPE PCM ThermoTabs

HDPE PCM ThermoTabs

HDPE ThermoTab bottles are blow-molded PCM containers designed for thermal storage (up to 40°C). These versatile PCM tabs can hold Pluss savE® PCM, containing organic materials and hydrated salts. Therefore, this makes them ideal for pharma, cold chain logistics, and building applications. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose from various bottle sizes, including custom options. It ensures a perfect fit in in your Thermo boxes or specific building needs.

Perfect Encapsulations for Thermal Energy Storage

HDPE ThermoTabs are meticulously crafted for your application, being 100% recyclable with a long lifespan. Our standard sizes accommodate most applications, while for more tailored needs, we can create custom ThermoTabs (or bottles). Furthermore, with filling lines in both India and the Netherlands, we seamlessly adapt to meet demands, from short-term sample deliveries to high-volume mass productions.


Versatile Thermal Storage: HDPE ThermoTabs accommodate various Pluss savE® PCM, offering flexibility for specific temperature requirements.

Customizable Options: Choose from standard sizes or opt for custom ThermoTabs, ensuring a perfect fit in your Thermo boxes for efficient thermal management.

Durable and Resilient: Crafted from high-quality HDPE Bimodal Resin Grade, these ThermoTabs withstand temperatures up to 40°C, ensuring both durability and longevity.

Easy Integration: ThermoTabs’ blow-molded HDPE construction facilitates seamless integration into existing systems and logistics processes.


We offer a variety of standard sizes for you to choose from. Moreover, our expertise extends to crafting and filling custom cassettes, ensuring an impeccable and secure fit for your Thermo boxes.

ThermoTabs 3300 495 x 247 x 35mm 3,30L
ThermoTabs 1600280 x 290 x 251,50L
ThermoTabs 1200295 x 235 x 31mm1,20L
ThermoTabs 600 191 x 122 x 35mm 0,52L
ThermoTabs 630 265 x 131 x 26mm 0,57L
ThermoTabs 400 165 x 95 x 35mm 0,31L
ThermoTabs XL 6L620 x 380 x 40mm6,00L
ThermoTabs XL Gastonorm 1:1530 x 325 x 30mm4,50L

Need a custom ThermoTab?

If you need a custom PCM bottle—whether it’s an Element, ThermoTab, or Tab—do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of experts can assist you in designing and blow-molding the perfect tab for your needs, and we can fill it with a Pluss savE® PCM tailored to suit your specific application.


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