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We want to collaborate with you, assist you in resolving local challenges, and serve as your strategic business partner for PCM applications. Pluss Advanced Technologies actively pursues strategic collaborations to solve the challenges of today by sharing its extensive PCM knowledge in its applications.

What is PCM?

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are special thermal energy storage materials, used as a reliable source of energy to maintain required temperatures in various applications and industries. Our PCMs are made from Hydrated Salts or Organic materials. When these materials change phase from solid-to-liquid or liquid-to-solid they can store and release large amounts of thermal energy.

The best example is water to ice; put some ice in a bucket, add some bottles, and as the ice melts, the water in the bottles absorbs the cold.

Key Benefits of PCM

For heating & cooling

Clean and passive backup

Store renewable energy

Shift peak power loads

Effective heat/cool dissipation

Reusable and Recyclable

able to maintain the optimal rate or level to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations, the PLUSS way