Reduce Food Waste from Farm-to-Fork

Dry Produce in Sunny Areas

Aagun® is a portable dryer that can operate continuously and completely off-grid. The Aagun® dryer is able to provide continuous and consistent drying in a closed, hygienic manner without the use of power from a grid or batteries.

Aagun® uses phase change material (PCM) technology to capture solar energy during the day and allow the use of this thermal energy backup at night. This makes it possible to operate a drying system continuously with virtually zero operational cost whilst also enhancing the produce’s value and shelf life.

Aagun® Benefits

  • Consistent Drying: Continuous 24×7 drying operation with consistent 45°-55°C temperature without electricity.
  • Improved Productivity:Drying duration is ~60% of conventional solar dryers resulting in reduced food wastage and higher productivity.
  • Improved Post-Harvest Quality: Better quality dried product with higher nutritional value, aroma and taste due to controlled drying with no temperature fluctuations.
  • Higher Income: Higher market value for dried products; better bargaining power and prevention of distress selling by farmers.
  • Enabling entrepreneurship and empowering livelihood of farmers.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Grid independent DRE appliance.

According to the Driven to Waste report, which was published by WWF-UK and the British retailer Tesco, 1.2 billion tonnes, or 15.3%, of the food produced globally is lost during harvest or slaughter processes.

Off-Grid Cold Storage Solutions

One of the main causes is the lack of cooling at the farms, because of poor or non-existing electrical power grids. Because the European Union voted in favour of the Farm to Fork strategy there is a need to tackle this. When we also take “Fit for 55 in 2030 package” into account we need sustainable cold rooms at farms across the world. This way we ensure we have fresh produce delivered throughout the global cold chain as it is cooled from the harvest up to your doorstep. PCMs are crucial in this process and it starts with an off grid cold room at farms across the world.

Pluss Advanced Technologies works together with multiple companies and NGO’s to facilitate the use of these off-grid cold rooms in remote areas, such as the Indian Himalayas, Senegal Kenya and Angola.

Pluss provides a small and sustainable 5MT capacity solar cold-room to maintain chilled or frozen temperature independent of grid connectivity or electrical batteries. Integration with phase change material technology ensures a 24/7 operation cycle such that the cold generated during six hours of sunshine is sufficiently stored in thermal batteries to maintain temperature over next 18 hours.


Grid independent and maintains temperature 24/7

PCM spheres Picto

Battery-free operation increases the system life to 10 years

Nil to minimum recurring cost of running and maintenance

Store thermal heat PCM picto

Enhances the shelf-life of the produce

Reduced carbon foot print

Decrease food waste

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With our broad experience and wide PCM temperature range we can advise you of the various solutions available to keep produce fresh at farms in remote areas. We can provide the best PCM for your needs based on your specifications.

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