Food and Agriculture

Empowering Farmers

Our mission is to combat food waste on a global scale, particularly in regions where food is crucial for survival and income. In many areas lacking a reliable power grid, the absence of effective storage, refrigeration, and drying facilities leads to significant postharvest losses and income reduction. With the European Union’s endorsement of the Farm to Fork strategy and the imperative outlined in the “Fit for 55 in 2030 package,” the demand for sustainable solutions for farmers worldwide has become more pressing than ever.

Revolutionizing Food Preservation

This video highlights the transformative impact of our grid-independent dryer and cold room, demonstrating their potential to empower farmers and significantly reduce food waste. By providing an efficient solution for preserving produce and enhancing agricultural practices, we contribute to creating a better and more sustainable world.

Off-Grid Cold Storage

In some regions around the world, farmers face challenges preserving their harvest, leading to notable losses due to inadequate cooling. Traditional cold rooms or refrigerators are impractical, as many farmers in rural regions have unreliable access to electricity.

However, the Himacool introduces an innovative solution as an off-grid cold storage. Himacool offers a compact and sustainable 5MT capacity solar cold room, enabling farmers to maintain chilled or frozen temperatures without relying on grid connectivity or electrical batteries. The integration of phase change material technology ensures a continuous 24/7 operation cycle. The cold generated during six hours of sunlight is efficiently stored in thermal PCM batteries, allowing the system to sustain the required temperature for the next 18 hours.

Pluss Advanced Technologies works together with multiple companies and NGO’s to facilitate the use of these off-grid cold rooms in remote areas, such as the Indian Himalayas, Senegal Kenya, Angola and Nigeria.

Off-Grid Drying

Farmers in rural areas grapple with storing produce, leading to food waste during transportation. Due to unreliable electricity access, they face challenges with drying interruptions and temperature fluctuations. Some farmers opt for diesel-powered drying systems; however, these can be expensive to run. As a result, the dried produce lacks the desired quality, impacting its market value.

To address this, the Aagun®  dryer offers a solution that operates continuously and off-grid. This innovative dryer ensures consistent, closed, and hygienic drying without relying on grid power or batteries.

Utilizing phase change material (PCM) technology, Aagun® captures solar energy during the day and utilizes thermal energy backup at night. This enables continuous operation with virtually zero operational costs, simultaneously enhancing the value and shelf life of the produce. Notably, Aagun® is effective even during the rainy season, providing a versatile solution for farmers facing unpredictable weather conditions.


Grid-independent and 24/7 temperature maintenance

PCM spheres Picto

Battery-free for a 10-year system life

Minimal operating and maintenance costs

Store thermal heat PCM picto

Extend shelf-life of produce

Reduced carbon footprint

Decrease food waste

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