Prongo®XL Cassettes

Redefining Cold Chain Solutions

Prongo®XL Cassettes are compact cardboard cassettes designed for temperature stabilization of perishable goods. By integrating Pluss savE® HS01 PCM between the produce on pallets, these cassettes effectively maintain temperatures ranging from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. Simply position the cassettes between flowers or fresh produce on a pallet and seal them with an insulating cover to achieve optimal temperature control.

Keeping It Fresh

Prongo®XL Cassettes offer a reliable solution to the problem of temperature fluctuations experienced during the transportation and storage of perishable goods, especially in air freight. These cassettes effectively address the significant temperature changes that occur during loading and unloading processes, ensuring the optimal preservation of perishable items.

By stabilizing temperatures using latent heat, these cassettes guarantee the freshness and quality of products, minimizing the risk of spoilage and maximizing customer satisfaction.


Temperature Stabilization: Maintains temperatures between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, extending product shelf life and preserving quality.

Convenience: Compact and lightweight design for easy integration into packaging and transportation processes.

Enhanced Product Quality: Preserves appearance, taste, and freshness, minimizing waste and financial losses.

Reliable PCM Technology: Utilizes the Pluss savE® HS01 PCM which is easy and fast to freeze and prevents freezing of for example leavy vegetables or mushrooms.

Sustainability: Food safe cardboard material, film and PCM technology offer a more environmentally friendly and passive approach to temperature stabilization.


Height: 15 mm

Length: 388 mm

Width: 288 mm

Weight: 700 grams

Material: Food grade cardboard cassette with savE® HS01 PCM

PCM: SavE® HS01

Melting Temperature: 1°C

Freezing Temperature: 0°C

Nucleation Temperature:  0°C

Lifespan: for single use

Safety: Non-toxic. Food safe cardboard, pouch and PCM

Recycling: cardboard fully recyclable,  PE pouch recyclable, PCM water/salt based can be flushed in drain

Maximizing Freshness with Prongo®XL Cassettes

Upgrade your operations today and enjoy the benefits of enhanced freshness, increased product quality, and reduced spoilage risks.



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