Aagun® Solar Dryer

Aagun® Solar Dryer

Pluss Advanced Technologies’ Aagun® solar dryer offers a grid-independent solution for drying. It utilizes phase change material (PCM) technology, providing consistent drying at 45°-55°C, without electricity.

This portable dryer ensures 24/7 drying, with efficient performance and a stable temperature. As a result, it reduces food waste, enables faster drying, empowers farmers, and improves post-harvest outcomes.

Revolutionizing Drying Technology

Conventional dryers struggle to maintain consistent drying temperature and operation without electricity. Aagun® overcomes this challenge by offering a reliable, grid-independent drying solution. By eliminating the need for electrical energy, it ensures uninterrupted drying cycles and consistent temperatures, leading to enhanced productivity and increased market value of dried products.

Moreover, Aagun® is easily installable and usable even in remote rural areas of Africa, India, or Latin America. By enabling on-site drying of fruits, vegetables, meats, or fish, it reduces the space required for storage, minimizes plastic packaging, and decreases energy consumption for transportation.


Consistent Drying: With uninterrupted 24/7 drying at 45°-55°C with no need for electricity, Aagun® ensures consistent and optimal drying conditions for various produce.

Improved Productivity:  Aagun® reduces drying time by 60% compared to conventional solar dryers, increasing productivity and significantly reducing food wastage.

Enhanced Post-Harvest Quality: By offering controlled drying with stable temperatures, Aagun® preserves the nutritional value, aroma, and taste of dried products, enhancing post-harvest quality.

Higher Market Value: Aagun® enables farmers to command higher market prices by providing high-quality dried products, giving them better bargaining power and preventing distress selling.

Empowering Livelihoods: Aagun® empowers farmers through an eco-friendly and sustainable drying solution, promoting entrepreneurship and improving livelihoods.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Aagun® is grid-independent, promoting sustainable farming practices by reducing the carbon footprint of agricultural drying.

The Future of Off-Grid Drying

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