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Enhancing Pharma Logistics

PCM provides an ideal solution for transporting temperature-sensitive goods, such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, or blood samples. With over 15 years of experience, we are a leading PCM developer and manufacturer. Additionally, our savE® PCMs serve as dependable backups for transporting vaccines, medication, blood, organic tissue, or biotech products at the precise temperature needed. Furthermore, tailoring PCM solutions to meet your specific requirements is our expertise.

Pharma Logistics With PCM

We offer custom temperature control solutions for pharmaceutical transport, utilizing 67 different phase change materials (PCMs) with over 15 years of experience. Their PCMs maintain various temperatures for up to 120 hours, ensuring quality and safety. As an international PCM supplier, they provide crucial support for pharmaceutical product transport.

Safely Transport Medication

Transporting temperature-sensitive medical products, such as blood, vaccines, and medications, poses significant challenges. While the use of dry ice is common, it falls short of being the most effective solution, leading to the potential loss of critical medical supplies that could save lives. Consequently, there is a pressing need for a more sustainable, reliable, safe, and affordable alternative to ensure the proper storage and transportation of these essential medical products.

Our Multi-Layer PCM Pouches efficiently encapsulate Phase Change Materials (PCMs) across various temperatures, utilizing durable multilayer films. Specifically designed for pharmaceutical transportation and temperature backup, these pouches guarantee high strength. Specializing in temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, we offer a broad range of PCM temperatures (-75°C to 89°C) with GDP-compliant cold chain maintenance for up to 96 hours. With extensive experience, we provide tailored solutions for keeping pharmaceutical, biotech, or clinical trial products frozen, chilled, or at ambient temperature during transport.

Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

Many cold storage warehouses equipped with solar panels encounter the challenge of exporting solar power to the grid rather than utilizing it internally. However, by integrating thermal mass technology, your cold room storage can harness solar energy to enhance cold rooms and save energy. This innovative solution improves charging and discharging capabilities, storing six times more cold than traditional materials. Moreover, the performance can be entirely tailored to your desired temperatures, ensuring a passive system with no additional operational costs and a lifespan of at least 25 years.

Furthermore, this solution enables cold storage facilities to reduce grid reliance, optimize energy usage, and achieve long-term cost savings—all while maintaining the integrity of storage space.

PCM To Replace Dry Ice

Utilizing dry ice in pharmaceutical and deep freeze healthcare logistics presents challenges due to its difficulty of acquisition, classification as a dangerous good, and significant environmental impact, not to mention potential safety risks for your employees.

In contrast, our salt-based PCM solution offers a compelling alternative, with freezing points at -65°C (HS65N) or -75°C (HS75N). This recyclable and reusable PCM boasts a large storage capacity, emits no CO2, and proves ideal for global healthcare logistics. Importantly, it is not classified as a dangerous good, making air transportation hassle-free with no IATA restrictions.

Drawing on our extensive experience and ultra-low deep freeze PCM temperature range, we provide tailored advice on keeping pharmaceutical, biotech, or clinical trial products frozen with the most suitable PCM based on your specifications.

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