Transport Temperature-Sensitive Goods

Phase Change Materials are the ideal passive cold chain solution for pharma and healthcare logistics. With the help of PCM, that stores thermal energy, you will be able to improve your pharmaceutical logistics and make sure that your products will be safely transported at the right temperature. Our products are a reliable method to transport for instance vaccines, medication, blood, organic tissue or temperature sensitive biotech.

Pluss advanced technologies is the leading PCM development and manufacturer with over 15 years of experience. With a strong R&D team in India and connections with experts from universities across the world. As experts in this field, we will be able to assist you in improve your global health care logistics.

Transport Pharmaceuticals at
-65°C or -75°C

Dry-ice can be challenging to use in pharma and deep freeze healthcare logistics as it is difficult to obtain, classified as a dangerous good, and has a significant environmental impact. Additionally, it may pose a safety risk to your employees. A salt-based PCM with a melting/freezing point of -65°C HS65N or -75°C HS75N can be the solution to this problem. Our PCM is recyclable and reusable. Additionally, it has a large storage capacity and emits no CO2.

It is a strategic solution for global health care logistics as our PCM’s are not classified as a dangerous good, so it can be easily transported via air. Furthermore, the IATA has not imposed any restrictions on PCM. With our broad experience and ultra-low deepfreeze PCM temperature range we can advise you of the best solutions available to keep pharmaceutical products frozen. We can provide the best PCM for your needs based on your specifications.

Transport Medication at -21°C

It can be hard to keep pharmaceuticals and vaccines at the right temperature during transport. Dry-ice is seen as the go to product. However, PCM passive cooling solutions are far more efficient, environmentally friendly and reusable. The most ideal cold chain temperature can be selected, and this optimal temperature can be maintained for up to 96 hours with GDP-compliance.

We can supply the following PCM temperatures with high latent heat for pharmaceutical logistics:

  • -15°C HS15N – 341 kJ/kg
  • -23°C HS23N – 261 kJ/kg
  • -30°C HS30N – 264 kJ/kg

Pluss Advanced Technologies can also help you find the best PCM for your needs. It can be supplied in bulk per IBC, 50 to 200L drums or 10L bottles. In addition, we can assist you with standard or custom PCM encapsulation in cassettes, bottles, pouches, or cartons.

Our PCM’s are used in pharmaceutical logistics and thermolabile biological material transports with temperature-controlled boxes or cold pallet shippers for single use or multiple use.

Transport Vaccines at 2°C to 8°C

Maintaining the right temperatures of pharmaceuticals and vaccines can be extremely difficult. Ice is often used for this, but if the surrounding/ambient temperature drops to or below 0°C, there is a chance that the goods will freeze, which could have a negative impact on the quality or they might need to be disposed.
By lining insulated boxes with our OM03, OM05 or OM08 PCM, we can maintain the chilled temperature passively for both single use or multiple use temperature controlled boxes.  These organic PCMs are reusable and can be pre-condition in normal fridges for OM08 and OM05 and normal freezer for the OM03. See full specifications here [link to  
With these three PCM’s we can make the perfect setup for your box or pallet design and ensure a GDP-compliant solution together.

With our broad experience and wide PCM temperature range we can advise you of the various solutions available to keep pharmaceutical products at chilled temperatures. We can provide the best PCM for your needs based on your specifications.

Transport Pharmaceutical Products at 15°C to 25°C

When transporting goods in Europe, it is crucial to consider the ambient temperature, because they can vary significantly. For instance, in the summer, when transporting from the Netherlands to the South of Spain, the ambient temperature can range from 8°C at night to 45°C during the day. Temperatures also fluctuate heavily during the winter, especially in Scandinavia or the Alpine countries, making it crucial to maintain the proper temperature when shipping temperature-sensitive goods. We have various PCM’s that can help you solve this problem. Our salt-based HS22 PCM is an excellent solution for keeping temperatures stable throughout Europe’s seasons and regions, either solidified for summer usage and molten in winter times. Another option could be the Organic PCM solutions such as the OM18 or OM21 We can advise you of the various solutions available to keep pharmaceutical products at ambient temperature. We can provide the best PCM for your needs based on your specifications.