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We want to collaborate with you, assist you in resolving local challenges, and serve as your strategic business partner for PCM applications. Pluss Advanced Technologies actively pursues strategic collaborations, actively sharing its extensive PCM knowledge in applications to solve today’s challenges.

What is PCM?

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are materials that absorb and release thermal energy as they undergo the processes of melting and freezing. PCMs are a reliable source of energy to maintain the required temperatures in various applications and industries.

A good example is putting a water bottle in a bucket of ice. As the ice melts, the water in the bottle takes in the cold. This is the cold thermal energy being released to cool the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

PCM stands for Phase Change Materials. They are special thermal energy storage materials that can store and release large amounts of thermal energy when they change phase from solid-to-liquid or liquid-to-solid. Pluss Advanced Technologies utilizes PCMs made from Hydrated Salts or Organic materials.

A full list of our savE® PCM’s can be found here.

One of the best examples of PCM is the transformation of water to ice. As you freeze the water in your freezer, the water changes phase from liquid to solid. In this phase change it is absorbing the cold, so storing thermal energy also known as Latent Heat. When you then place the ice in a bucket and add warm beverage bottles, as the ice melts, the beverage in the bottles absorbs the cold, thereby the thermal energy you stored by turning water into ice in the freezer is released. The result: a cold beverage on a hot day!

PCMs are used as a reliable source of thermal energy storage. The ability to maintain a required temperature is suitable in various applications and industries. Most recently during covid, PCM’s ensured the worldwide delivery of vaccines at the correct temperature. PCM’s are daily used by many pharmaceutical, clinical trail or perishable transport companies to ensure their products arrive at the correct temperature.  They can also be utilized in buildings for heating and cooling purposes, as well as for storing renewable energy, shifting peak power loads, and facilitating effective heat/cool dissipation. Sometimes you also see athletes wearing PCM’s vests to keep them cool before a race.

Sustainable Buildings  –  Food & Agri  –  Cold-Chain Logistics  –  Life Sciences & Healthcare

The 6 key benefits of PCM include:

1. Efficient Cooling and Heating

2. Optimal Energy Management

3. Reliable Backup during Emergencies

4. Enhanced Thermal Management

5. Sustainable Resource Utilization

6. Extended Storage Capacity of Renewable Energy

You can read more about this in our blog post: Unlocking the Power of PCM: 6 Key Benefits for a Sustainable Future

Pluss Advanced Technologies actively pursues strategic collaborations to spread its PCM’s extensive knowledge in applications that can make the world a better place. To grow the usage of PCM across the world we are looking for distribution partners, agents and dealers. We welcome partners that share our sustainability goals and want to be a part of the green transition in their country or region. Make sure to reach out to us when you or your company can give thermal energy solutions a push in your expert market: buildings, pharma, food, agricultural or cold chain logistics.

Make sure to reach out to our team by email or give us a call +31 (0) 85 06 04 828.

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Key Benefits of PCM

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