savE® PCMs Product Range

We develop and manufacture a wide range of PCMs for applications in different temperatures: from -75°C to +89°C. PCM can be classified as Hydrated Salts (HS),Organic Mixtures (OM) and Form Stable (FS). PCMs are available in bulk and in standard encapsulation such as:

– Drums for filling in your own encapsulations
– Bottles & Panels of standard/customized sizes
– Pouches of standard/customized sizes

Standard Spheres made of HDPE and PP 75 mm diameter spheres for lower temperature PCMs and stainless steel 63 mm, 80 mm or 100 mm spheres for applications at higher temperature PCM (>40 °C) or high-pressure conditions.

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PCM Type Phase Change Temperature (°C) Latent Heat (kJ/kg)
HS01 Hydrated Salts 0°C 364 kJ/kg
HS3N Hydrated Salts -3°C 359 kJ/kg
HS7N Hydrated Salts -7°C 303 kJ/kg
HS10N Hydrated Salts -10°C 333 kJ/kg
HS15N Hydrated Salts -15°C 341 kJ/kg
HS18N Hydrated Salts -18°C 290 kJ/kg
HS23N Hydrated Salts -23°C 261 kJ/kg
HS26N Hydrated Salts -26°C 264 kJ/kg
HS30N Hydrated Salts -30°C 264 kJ/kg
HS65N Hydrated Salts -65°C 171.76 kJ/kg
HS22 Hydrated Salts 22 °C 190 kJ/kg
HS24 Hydrated Salts 24°C 218 kJ/kg
HS29 Hydrated Salts 29°C 214 kJ/kg
HS36 Hydrated Salts 36°C 163 kJ/kg
HS48 Hydrated Salts 48°C 225 kJ/kg
HS58 Hydrated Salts 58°C 276 kJ/kg
HS72 Hydrated Salts 72°C 191 kJ/kg
HS78 Hydrated Salts 78°C 242 kJ/kg
HS89 Hydrated Salts 89°C 191 kJ/kg
OM03 Organic Mixture 3°C 228 kJ/kg
OM05-P Organic Mixture 5°C 271 kJ/kg
OM08 Organic Mixture 8°C 154 kJ/kg
OM18 Organic Mixture 18°C 201 kJ/kg
OM21 Organic Mixture 21°C 174 kJ/kg
OM29 Organic Mixture 29°C 194 kJ/kg
OM30 Organic Mixture 30 °C 230 kJ/kg
OM32 Organic Mixture 32°C 187 kJ/kg
OM35 Organic Mixture 35°C 202 kJ/kg
OM37 Organic Mixture 37°C 218 kJ/kg
OM42 Organic Mixture 42°C 199 kJ/kg
OM46 Organic Mixture 46°C 182 kJ/kg
OM48 Organic Mixture 48°C 172 kJ/kg
OM50 Organic Mixture 50°C 204 kJ/kg
OM55 Organic Mixture 55°C 194 kJ/kg
OM65 Organic Mixture 65°C 196 kJ/kg
FS03 Form Stable 3°C 170 kJ/kg
FS21R Form Stable 21°C 170 kJ/kg
FS29 Form Stable 29°C 160 kJ/kg
FS30 Form Stable 30°C 171 kJ/kg
FS42 Form Stable 42°C 182 kJ/kg
FS65 Form Stable 65°C 188 kJ/kg
The information given here is meant as a guide to determining suitability of our products for the stated applications. The products are intended for use in industrial applications. The users should test the materials before use in the desired application. We guarantee that our products will meet our written specifications. Nothing herein shall constitute any other warranty expressed or implied. Recommendation herein may not be construed as freedom to infringe/operate under any third party patents. In the event of a proven claim, our liability is limited only to replacement of our material and in no case shall we be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of usage of our material. Contents of this datasheet are subject to change without prior notice.