ACUSTARE Warehouse Backup

Cold Storage Thermal Backup

The ACUSTARE warehouse backup system is your go-to solution to secure your stock from perishing due to any breakdown of equipment or power outages. By installing the ACUSTARE thermal batteries, with Pluss savE© PCM, energy can be efficiently stored. These plates have Phase Change Materials that solidify or turn liquid at a specific temperature. In this phase change they store or release thermal energy. So, when temperatures rise above a certain threshold, this heat is absorbed by the PCM, keeping stored goods safe at the correct temperature.


Temperature Backup: Offers reliable backup in temperatures from -20°C to +8°C for 12h, 24h, 36h or 48h.

Removable and Reusable: Flexible components for adaptable storage, can be installed with magnetic fixtures.

Easy Installation: Easily mounts on walls, ceilings or in shelves.

Energy Efficient: Results in significant power savings up to 25%.

Optimal Space Usage: build-up system height of only 3CM.

Security: Guarantees safety for temperature-sensitive products.

Proven Technology: ACUSTAR systems are keeping Pharmaceuticals save in over 30 locations in Europe.

How It Works

Energy Saving: ACUSTARE will help save energy, because it decreases the amount of compressor start/stops. Temperatures remain stable with the integration of PCM thermal mass in a cold room. The Result: ACUSTARE system leads up to 25% reduction in energy consumption!

Peak Shaving: In the energy industry, peak shaving refers to leveling out peaks in electricity use by industrial and commercial power consumers. The ACUSTARE warehouse backup system can help you shave or shift the peak of your cooling load. Bringing balance to the grid or save you money by storing energy when it’s cheap.


Encasing: ThermoTab 4500 – HDPE

Sizes: Tab 530x325mm – Rail 60X35mm (max length 2500mm)

PCM: savE® Hydrated Salts or Organic Mixtures

Temperatures: -26°C to +25°C

Lifespan: 3000+ cycles | 25 years

Fixtures: Stainless Steel rails – bolted or magnetic

Back-up Times: 8h, 12h, 24h or 48h backup possible

MSI Metrology

The ACUSTARE warehouse backup system is an MSI France product using Pluss savE®  PCM’s. MSI is a metrology institute based in Calais (France) and has a long track record of temperature validations and creating temperature controlled solutions. Cold rooms can be validated by MSI before and after installation of the ACUSTARE system. Ensuring correct temperatures and product safety.


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