Underfloor PCM Panels

Underfloor PCM Panels

The Pluss savE® HS25 HDPE underfloor heating panels have a specific design aimed at boosting the thermal mass of your floor, ensuring an efficient heating solution.

Furthermore, these HDPE thermal batteries actively charge using either hot water or an electric supply of up to 40°C. This versatility actively provides additional backup, effectively slashing your peak power needs. As a result, you actively use less energy, and with a heat pump, an actively lower capacity version can be employed.

Enhance Comfort and Reduce Energy Costs

In underfloor heating systems, a common challenge revolves around achieving and sustaining optimal thermal mass—a crucial factor for efficient heating.

To tackle this challenge head-on, Pluss savE® HS25 HDPE underfloor heating panels actively amplify your floor’s thermal mass. As a result, this dynamic enhancement guarantees superior heat distribution and retention. Remarkably, they achieve this without dramatically increasing the floor height; a mere 15mm of PCM replaces a substantial 20cm of concrete! Consequently, this actively leads to improved heating efficiency, actively reduces energy consumption, and actively enhances comfort in your living or working space.”


Enhanced Heating Performance: Upgrade to HS25 panels for consistent warmth, eliminating cold spots and creating a comfortable environment.

Versatile Charging Options: HS25 panels accommodate hot water or electric supply, adapting to different heating setups and preferences

Energy Efficiency: HS25 panels absorb and store heat, improving retention and distribution. This reduces heating cycles, energy consumption, and saves costs.

Sustainable heating: Pluss savE® HS25 HDPE panels reduce environmental impact, optimize heating efficiency, and contribute to a greener future.

Peak shifting: by increasing the “thermal weight” of the floor, it can be charged whenever there is free or cheap power available, whether from private solar PV or solar thermal or from the grid.

Decrease output power: Less temperature fluctuation due to increased retention, means a lower capacity heat pump can be installed.


Height: 13 mm

Length: 877 mm

Width: 195 mm

Weight: 1.95kg

Panel Material: HDPE quality Bimodal Resin Grade

Energy storage:  223 kJ/m2 (1 Panel) – 617Wh kJ/m2 (6 panels)

PCM: savE® HS25 mix of hydrated salts

Melting Temperature: 25°C

Freezing Temperature: 22°C

Max Temperature: 40°C

Lifespan: 3000+ cycles | 25 year

Recycling: HDPE bottle fully recyclable, PCM can be reclaimed

Optimize Your Underfloor Heating System

Increase the thermal weight and thus storage capacity of your floor with minimal height by using Pluss savE® HS25 HDPE panels. Additionally, experience enhanced thermal mass, increased heating efficiency, and optimal comfort. You can trust our 15+ years of PCM expertise for tailored encapsulations and timely delivery.

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