Passive PCM Climate Ceiling

Efficient Climate Control

Maintaining a consistent and comfortable room temperature throughout the day can be a challenge in indoor environments. Fluctuating temperatures not only lead to discomfort but also result in inefficient energy usage. The Passive PCM Climate Ceiling solves this problem becasue the thermal energy stored in the ceiling, stabilizing the room temperature, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient space.

Whether in an office, meeting room, restaurant or even kitchen, the ceiling stabilizes the temperature  occupants can now enjoy a consistently pleasant environment without the need for frequent thermostat adjustments or reliance on energy-intensive cooling or heating systems.


Energy Efficiency: The Passive PCM Climate Ceiling saves energy by managing temperature fluctuations and reducing the need for active cooling.

Enhanced Comfort: Enjoy a comfortable environment with stable room conditions and minimized temperature swings.

Sustainability: Promote a greener future by reducing reliance on traditional cooling systems.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for various settings, offering improved thermal management and energy efficiency.

How It Works

Store the free cold air from the night into a pouched PCM, to act as passive cooling during the day.

1. The PCM pouches are placed on the suspended ceiling.

2. At night the PCM is frozen, by means of ventilation via the plenum with free cooling below 18°C.

3. During the day, the temperature in the room rises because the sun, equipment and people radiate heat.

4. This warm air rises and is absorbed by the PCM climate ceiling causing the PCM to melt.

5.  Due to the heat absorbing capacity of the PCM ceiling, the room remains at a stable temperature without air conditioning.


Height: 14 mm

Length: 570 mm

Width: 270 mm

Pouch Material: 125-Micron metallized foil

Energy storage: 1811,76 kJ/m2

PCM: savE® HS22 mix of hydrated salts

Melting Temperature: 22°C

Freezing Temperature: 18°C

Lifespan: 3000+ cycles | 25 year

Safety: Non-toxic & Non-flammable EN-13501-1

Upgrade Your Space

Unlock the potential of energy savings and enhanced comfort with the Passive PCM Climate Ceiling by PLUSS. Embrace sustainable thermal energy storage and create a more efficient and environmentally friendly space. Contact us to explore how our PCM solutions can benefit your specific needs.


Pluss PCM Climate Ceiling Manual
Pluss Climate Ceiling Flyer
Pluss Climate Ceiling Specification Sheet

Fire Test Certificates

Test Results - EN13823:2020
Ignitability Test - EN ISO 11925-2:2020
Classification - EN13501-1:2018
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