Cold Chain Logistics

Transport perishables

Maintaining an optimal temperature during perishable transport is crucial for delivering fresh and healthy products to destination ports. On average, 40% of goods are lost during farm-to-consumer transportation. However, this issue can be addressed by combining Phase Change Material (PCM) with fresh products in thermo packing protection. PCM is versatile and suitable for various perishables, including flowers, meat, fish, and soft fruits.

Eliminate Food Waste

Research shows a significant 40% food loss during cold chain transit. Enter Phase Change Material (PCM), an innovative technology that maintains optimal temperatures with minimal energy consumption. This ensures fresher produce and promotes sustainable transport.

Transform your Cold-chain

Transporting perishables requires precise temperature control to prevent loss during transit, where typically 40% of products are compromised. Our solution, PronGO©XL PCM Cassettes, offers a cost-effective way to ensure freshness.

These cassettes, featuring savE® HS01 PCM, can maintain temperatures between 1°C to 4°C for up to 48 hours. They easily fit into standard pallets and freeze faster than water-based gel packs. Additionally, they are non-toxic and fully recyclable, providing a simple and sustainable solution for preserving perishables during transportation.

Redefining Cold Storage with PCM

Many cold storage warehouses with solar panels face the challenge of exporting solar power to the grid instead of utilizing it internally. However, by introducing thermal mass technology, your cold room storage can utilize solar energy to enhance cold rooms and save energy.

This innovative solution improves charging and discharging capabilities, storing 6 times more cold than traditional materials. Furthermore, the performance can be completely tailored to your desired temperatures, ensuring a passive system with no additional operational costs and a lifespan of at least 25 years. Additionally, this solution allows cold storage facilities to reduce grid reliance, optimize energy usage, and achieve long-term cost savings, all while maintaining storage space integrity.

Enhancing Perishable Transport

Transporting perishables at the correct temperature is challenging, especially for smaller quantities or non-palletized items. Many encounter difficulties in maintaining the right temperature during transport, leading to substantial losses. This issue calls for innovation and the development of a sustainable and affordable solution to address the specific challenges associated with the transportation of perishable goods.

Consider our innovative Multi Layer PCM Pouches, designed with durable films for flexibility and versatility. These pouches efficiently regulate temperatures, ensuring precise control and reliable backup in refrigerators, freezers, and iceboxes during power disruptions. With a 25-year lifespan, they offer durability, customizable sizes, and printing options for tailored solutions, making them ideal for diverse applications.

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