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About Pluss Advanced Technologies

We are a materials research and manufacturing company involved in the field of specialty polymeric additives for enhancing polymer properties and Phase Change Materials (PCMs) for thermal energy storage. Research and Innovation have been the cornerstones of the company since its inception and are at the very core of its DNA. Furthermore, the organization actively welcomes and motivates young minds, assisting them in successfully implementing their ideas.

Our Purpose

Committed to making substantial contributions, we aim to bring about a transformative impact on the thermal energy storage industry. This dedication extends to the development of breakthrough products that effectively address both current and future societal needs.

Moreover, we place great importance on creating products that hold meaning for the global community. Additionally, we take pride in fostering in-house technological advancements through indigenous processes, thereby positioning ourselves prominently on the world’s innovation map.


Founded in 1994, Pluss Advanced Technologies initially focused on specialized polymers. In 2007, it strategically shifted towards Phase Change Materials (PCMs) technology. With support from Tata Capital Innovations Funds in 2012, Pluss expanded its research and development efforts, leading to the successful introduction of cutting-edge temperature control solutions. Since then, the company has experienced remarkable growth.

European Subsidiary

As the European Subsidiary, we recognize that Phase Change Materials (PCM) offer distinct advantages in diverse climates. Given the varying government stimuli in different European countries, it is essential to ensure that you are served most effectively at the local level. Therefore, we are actively pursuing partnerships with companies to optimize the use of PCM in their applications and to collaboratively develop new products together.

In addition to our own expertise, we benefit from the experts at Pluss Advanced Technologies in India. Locally produced stocks can be promptly made available according to the customer’s needs, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to serving our clientele.

The Team

Jan Van Acquoij

General Manager and Director

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Andrea Irisz Dumitrache

Finance Manager

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Sonal Adlakha

Country Head Business Development, UK

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Gabor Mucsanyi

Operations Manager

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Eddy Borst

Sales manager
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Joris de Luij

Chief Commercial Officer

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Annika van Aalst

Marketing Assistant

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Join Our Team

As of this moment, there are no available positions, but we enthusiastically welcome open applications!

Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the planet? Do you dream of working in a dynamic and innovative environment that is at the forefront of green PCM technology? We are thrilled to welcome individuals like you who are seeking exciting career opportunities in our rapidly growing green technology company.


Our office is located at the Jamfabriek in Den Bosch. We chose this location for its innovative environment. In this building, you can find a mix of different companies, all active in the food industry. Here, we are surrounded by various entrepreneurs working with food. And, of course, we have the solution to keep their food at the right temperature.

Our Promoters

Established as a tripartite in 1954, CUMI is a leading materials sciences engineering solutions provider. With consolidated revenue of Rs 2,631 Crores and a PAT of Rs 284 Crores for the financial year 2021, CUMI, as part of the Murugappa Group, is listed on the NSE and BSE. CUMI operates as a Mines to Market Company, with integrated operations covering mining, power generation, fusion, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. The company has over 5,000 employees worldwide who collaborate, innovate, and develop high-quality material solutions.

CUMI excels in abrasives, electro minerals, refractories, and ceramics, serving customers in diverse industries, including engineering, fabrication, auto and auto components, infrastructure, steel, glass, power generation and distribution, mining, and aerospace.With a wide geographical presence spanning five continents, CUMI exports products to over 43 countries. The company’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its world-class services and a global reputation as a trusted provider in the field.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability drives all that we do — from the business we are in, to the ideas we generate, the products we develop, and the processes we undertake. Our unwavering commitment to a sustainable way of living and working propels us to be PLUSStainable at all times. Moreover, we strongly align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that all people have equal opportunities and can lead better lives without compromising the planet.

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