Pharmaceutical Shipping

Celsure® is a set of pre-qualified shipping containers which uses the advanced savE®  Phase Change Material (PCM) technology to provide the desired temperature maintenance for as long as 120 hours. It is designed to ensure a simple and error free assembly with no requirement of pre-conditioning. Our Celsure® range of shipper boxes can be used for shipping pharmaceutical products, vaccines and other thermolabile biological material and is available in three temperature ranges: Cool (2°C to 8°C), Ambient (15 °C to 25 °C) and Frozen (-20°C to -25 °C).

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PCMs are also available in bulk and in standard encapsulation (bottles) which can be customized for your own shipping boxes.

Phase Change Materials

Pluss Advanced Technologies develops and manufactures a wide range of PCMs for applications in different temperatures: from -65°C to +89°C. PCM can be classified as Hydrated Salts (HS), Organic Mixtures (OM) and Form Stable (FS). PCMs are available in bulk and in standard encapsulation such as:

  • Drums for filling in your own encapsulations.
  • Bottles & Panels of standard/customized sizes.
  • Pouches of standard/customized sizes.
  • Standard Spheres made of HDPE and PP 75 mm diameter spheres for lower temperature PCMs and stainless steel 63 mm, 80 mm or 100 mm spheres for applications at higher temperature PCM (>40 °C) or high-pressure conditions.

We work with each client, leveraging our expertise, to develop a custom material that fits their specific needs. For complete list of available standard PCMs: click here

Material Safety Data sheets (MSDS) andTechnical Data sheets (TDS) are available on request.

Cold-Chain Logistics

PLUSS® cold-chain logistics’ solutions are specially engineered to meet the threats of cold-chain transit. We offer customized technology-driven solutions that take full care of last mile distribution and ensure fresh, healthy and safe product delivery to retailers and end consumers. PCMs in pouches or flat panels are widely used in coolers and freezers. PLUSS® PCM solutions not only help in maintaining the temperature within the desired range but also reduce the operating costs by 15 -20%.

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New legislation in many European cities will, in the near future, prohibit the use of diesel- powered cooling trucks for last mile delivery. Reefer trucks fitted with PCM panels, can now be cooled/frozen prior to use, thus reducing the overall transportation cost by 50%.

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We can assist truck builders by providing customized cooling solutions using phase change materials for their vehicles.


Sustainable Buildings

Maintaining area temperatures
Buffer vessels and heat pumps for thermal energy storage

PCMs are used in various ways to optimize energy efficiency in buildings:

  • To reduce energy consumption for cooling offices by means of PCM pouches in temperature areas of 18°C to 25°C, placed in ceilings and/or panels on floors and walls.
  • To reduce energy costs (shift from daytime to nighttime power costs) by filling cold water storage buffer vessels with PCM (OM11, OM08, OM03) filled HDPE spheres.
  • To improve the reduction of energy costs of heat pumps by adding stainless steel spheres with higher temperature PCMs (HS48, HS58, HS78 etc.).Thermal Energy storage enables 50% reduction across electrical and HVAC capacities thus managing the demand smartly.