Pluss PCM Solutions

PCM Building Application

Passive PCM Climate Ceiling

Store the free cold air from the night into a pouched PCM, to act as passive cooling during the day.

    1. The PCM elements are placed on the suspended ceiling.
    2. At night the PCM is frozen, by means of ventilation via the plenum with free cooling below 18°C.
    3. During the day, the temperature in the room rises because the sun, equipment and people radiate heat.
    4. This warm air rises and is absorbed by the PCM climate ceiling causing the PCM to melt.
    5. Due to the heat absorbing capacity of the PCM ceiling, the room remains at a stable temperature without air conditioning.

Dimensions: 570x270x14mm
Pouch Material: 125-Micron metallized foil (8cells)
Energy storage: 1811,76 kJ/m2 (latent heat)
PCM: savE® HS22  mix of hydrated salts
Night time temperature: below 18°C to freeze (charge)
Day time temperature: heat absorption from 22°C
Lifespan: 3000+ cycles | 25 year
Non-toxic & Non-flammable EN-13501-1

Stainless Steel PCM Balls

Our stainless steel spheres can be used in high temperature and high pressure water based buffer vessels. These steel thermal batteries can be filled with any Pluss sav PCM either Organic Materials or Hydrated Salts.


  • Stainless Steel quality SAE 304
  • Diameters available 63, 80 & 100mm
  • Maximum PCM filling volumes
    • 63mm 110ml
    • 80mm 216ml
    • 100mm 420ml
  • Maximum operating temperature 100°C
  • Maximum operating pressure up to 20bars absolute

Example application of increasing storage capacity of a water based hot water buffer vessel for domestic use. By adding PCM filled spheres, the hot water storage capacity is increased 4 to 5 times.


Our HDPE spheres can be used in low temperature and low pressure water based buffer tanks. These HDPE thermal batteries can be filled with any Pluss sav PCM either Organic Materials or Hydrated Salts. 


  • HDPE quality Bimodal Resin Grade
  • Diameters available 75mm
  • Maximum PCM filling volumes 146ml
  • Maximum operating temperature up to 40°C
  • Maximum operating pressure up to 6bar absolute pressure
  • For organic PCM’s the HDPE spheres need fluorination

Example application storage of cold in chilling HVAC systems.

PCM Heat Battery

A compact PCM heat battery that stores up to 9kwh of thermal energy is currently
being developed as a plug & play application. 

PCM Underfloor Heating Panels

Pluss savE® HS25 HDPE underfloor heating panels will add more thermal mass to your floor. They can be charged with any normal hot water or electric supply of maximum 40°C. It can also be charged with a cold water flow below 20°C. These HDPE thermal batteries can be filled with any Pluss sav PCM either Organic Materials or Hydrated Salts, but for most underfloor heating PCM solutions the  HS25  is ideal . 


  • HDPE quality Bimodal Resin Grade
  • Sizes 877*195*13mm
  • PCM capacity 1.95kg
  • savHS25 300 Kj per panel
  • 223 Kj per m2 or 617Wh (6 panels per m2)
  • Maximum operating temperature up to 40°C

For organic PCM’s the HDPE panels need fluorination 

Temperature Controlled Logistics

Prongo®XL Cassettes

These cardboard cassettes are to be used to stabilize temperatures of perishable goods, keeping the temperatures around 2 to 8 degrees celsius by using the Pluss sav HS01 PCM. Stable temperatures can be maintained by adding these XL cassettes in between flowers or fresh produce on a pallet and closing it all with an insulating cover.

Dimensions – 388x288x20 mm
Weight – 700 grams
PCM savE® HS01
Cold Energy Storage Capacity– 240 kJ
Melting Temperature– 0°C
Freezing Temperature– 0°C
Nucleation Temperature– 0°C

HDPE PCM thermoTabs

Our HDPE Thermo Tabs can be used as thermal storage solution in a low to warm temperatures (max 40°C). These blow molded HDPE PCM cassettes or elements can be filled with any Pluss savE® PCM either Organic Materials or Hydrated Salts of up to maximum 40°C. These tabs are used for pharma and cold chain logistics. The below list are the standard sizes we can supply from stock. We also make and fill custom cassettes for a perfect and snug fit in your Thermo boxes.


  • HDPE quality Bimodal Resin Grade
  • Volumes from 0,31L to 6L
  • Maximum operating temperature up to 40°C
  • Maximum operating pressure up to 6bar absolute pressure
  • For Hydrated Salts and organic PCM’s (Organic needs fluorination)
  • Custom Thermo Tabs available upon request

Multi Layer PCM Pouches

This is the most flexible method of encapsulating Phase Change Materials in all temperatures. The material used in multilayer films (Nylon/PE or PET/PE/Nylon laminates) provides a perfect blend in high strength and long durability. Multilayer Pouches find most of their utility in transporting pharmaceutical goods and temperature back-up refrigerators, deep freezer and iceboxes.


  • Nylon/PE laminate or
  • PET/PE laminate pouches
  • Fixed width 157mm
  • Length variable
  • Segmented pouches or string pouches possible
  • For Hydrated Salts and organic PCM’s
  • Custom Size and print pouches available upon request

Aagun® Benefits

  • Consistent Drying: Continuous 24×7 drying operation with consistent 45°-55°C temperature without electricity.
  • Improved Productivity:Drying duration is ~60% of conventional solar dryers resulting in reduced food wastage and higher productivity.
  • Improved Post-Harvest Quality: Better quality dried product with higher nutritional value, aroma and taste due to controlled drying with no temperature fluctuations.
  • Higher Income: Higher market value for dried products; better bargaining power and prevention of distress selling by farmers.
  • Enabling entrepreneurship and empowering livelihood of farmers.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Grid independent DRE appliance.


According to the Driven to Waste report, which was published by WWF-UK and the British retailer Tesco, 1.2 billion tonnes, or 15.3%, of the food produced globally is lost during harvest or slaughter processes.

Off-Grid Cold Storage Solutions

One of the main causes is the lack of cooling at the farms, because of poor or non-existing electrical power grids. Because the European Union voted in favour of the Farm to Fork strategy there is a need to tackle this. When we also take “Fit for 55 in 2030 package” into account we need sustainable cold rooms at farms across the world. This way we ensure we have fresh produced delivered throughout the global cold chain as it is cooled from the harvest up to your doorstep. PCMs are crucial in this process and it starts with an off grid cold room at farms across the world.

Pluss Advanced Technologies works together with multiple companies and NGO’s to facilitate the use of these off-grid cold rooms in remote areas, such as the Indian Himalayas, Senegal Kenya and Angola.    

Pluss provides a small and sustainable 5MT capacity solar cold-room to maintain chilled or frozen temperature independent of grid connectivity or electrical batteries. Integration with phase change material technology ensures a 24/7 operation cycle such that the cold generated during six hours of sunshine is sufficiently stored in thermal batteries to maintain temperature over next 18 hours.

Thermal Mass Tabs

Adding Thermal Mass Tabs to a cold storage warehouse or cold room will make the cold room run more efficiently. Next to that you can use a cold room as a thermal battery. This way you can store solar energy or off-peak electricity into this additional PCM mass.