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Sensible Heat vs. Latent Heat: Unveiling the Secrets of Thermal Energy

Sensible heat and latent heat are two important forms of thermal energy. Sensible heat is associated with temperature changes, while latent heat is involved in phase changes without temperature change. In this Q&A, we explore the differences…
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Harnessing the Power of Phase Change Materials: Unlocking Sustainable Solutions

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In the quest for sustainable and energy-efficient technologies, researchers and engineers have turned to innovative solutions that can help reduce energy consumption and mitigate environmental impact. One such breakthrough lies in the realm…

Pluss partner in Horizon Europe project: ThumbsUp

THermal energy storage solUtions to optimally Manage BuildingS and Unlock their grid balancing and flexibility Potential Pluss Advanced Technologies is proud to be part of the Horizon Europa project ThumbsUp. Together with 20 partners…