The HimaCool™ solar cold room by Pluss Advanced Technologies is a cutting-edge solution for grid-independent and sustainable cold storage. Designed with advanced phase change material (PCM) technology, this compact and eco-friendly cold room maintains chilled or frozen temperatures 24/7 without relying on grid connectivity or electrical batteries. By harnessing solar energy during the day and utilizing stored thermal energy, HimaCool™ ensures extended shelf-life of perishable produce, reduces carbon footprint, and enhances the profitability of businesses.

According to the Driven to Waste report, which was published by WWF-UK and the British retailer Tesco, 1.2 billion tonnes, or 15.3%, of the food produced globally is lost during harvest or slaughter processes.

Enhancing Thermal Energy Storage

Traditional cold storage systems often face challenges in maintaining temperature consistency, incurring high operational costs, and contributing to carbon emissions. HimaCool™ addresses these issues by providing a reliable and grid-independent cold storage solution that operates efficiently without the need for electrical batteries. It ensures uninterrupted temperature control, reduces operational expenses, and promotes sustainable cold storage practices completely off-grid.

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Grid-Independent Cold Storage: HimaCool™ maintains chilled or frozen temperatures 24/7 without relying on grid connectivity or electrical batteries, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable cold storage operations.

Long Lifespan: Operating battery-free, HimaCool™ is designed for durability with a lifespan of up to 25 years, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and reducing overall costs.

Cost-Effective Solution: With minimal recurring costs for operation and maintenance, HimaCool™ provides a cost-effective cold storage solution, allowing businesses to optimize their expenses and improve profitability.

Extended Shelf-Life: By maintaining consistent temperatures, HimaCool™ extends the shelf-life of perishable produce, reducing spoilage, and minimizing food waste, ultimately enhancing business revenue.

Eco-Friendly Cold Storage: As a zero-emission appliance, HimaCool™ significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with cold storage operations, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Unlock the Benefits of HimaCool™

Upgrade your cold storage capabilities with HimaCool™ and experience the benefits of grid-independent, cost-effective, and eco-friendly cold storage. Extend the shelf-life of your perishable produce, reduce operational costs, and contribute to a sustainable future. Contact us and discuss your cold storage requirements today!


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