PCM Solutions for Maintaining Quality of Dutch Flowers

The Netherlands is known worldwide for its beautiful flowers. Especially in the American market, there is a high demand for these colorful products. To ensure the quality and freshness of the flowers, it is essential to transport them properly. In this blog, we discuss the use of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) in the flower transport industry and how this contributes to maintaining the quality of Dutch flowers.

Navigating Temperature Challenges 

When transporting flowers, keeping them at the right temperature is very important. The changes in temperature during travel can affect the quality and shelf life of flowers, leading to reduced marketability and smaller margins. During air transport, it can get very cold, and sometimes transport staff forget to put the flowers in a cooler in time. However, using ice is not an option because the flowers will freeze and become unsellable. 

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) in flower transportation

PCMs are substances that store and release energy by changing phase at a specific temperature. This makes it possible to maintain the ideal temperature for the flowers during transport, regardless of external conditions. The Prongo CL Cassettes are placed between the flower boxes so that temperature management can be applied to the entire pallet. By using PCMs in insulated covers, flowers can be protected from changes in temperature, maintaining their quality and freshness.

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Enhancing Shelf Life and Quality of Flowers

Since the implementation of PCMs in flower transportation, significant improvements in flower quality and shelf life have been observed. The use of PCMs keeps the temperature of the flowers stable, which ensures that they stay fresh longer and retain their value. This leads to higher marketability and better margins for flower exporters.

A success story for the Dutch flower sector

The use of PCMs in the flower transport sector is a great example of how technological innovation can help maintain quality and increase profitability in the industry. With the proper use of PCMs, Dutch flower exporters can continue to supply the U.S. market with fresh, high-quality flowers.